ALIDE - Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions |
Bulletin Jul-Set 2017

ALIDE organized a mission of LAC development bankers to KFW

During the mission, the bankers learned in detail about the role played by the German bank as the main financier of the energy efficiency industry in the country, READ MORE

CEO of Nafin, Jacques Rogozinski, assumes the presidency of ALIDE
President Rogozinski holds a PhD in economics from the University of Colorado and has developed an extensive career focused on Latin American growth.

The call for the Agrobanco Award is ongoing until October 17
The competition aims to identify and recognize financial and non-financial technologies, products or services of the Latin American Development Bank oriented to the agricultural field. READ MORE

ALIDE gave a presentation about challenges of DFIs on a global symposium
The symposium organized by the World Bank Group and Bank Negara Malaysia was intended to provide an avenue for various stakeholders of DFIs.

Development Banking plays a leading role in LAC financial inclusion
The financing of SMEs and the development of innovation are key scopes of action of Development Banking, indicated by the participants of the seminar ALIDE- CEPAL.


Development Banking must strengthen efforts to boost LAC green investments
At the opening of the forum, the speakers highlighted the need for Development Banking to strengthen its measures to promote financing in strategic sectors with an environmental focus.

Bansefi of Mexico has joined as an active member of ALIDE
By joining ALIDE, it will now be able to strengthen its linkage with the diverse range of institutions that belong to the Association, among which there are international financing bodies and development financial institutions. READ MORE

The ALIDE knowledge network in Brazil organized new activities
ALIDE and the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) organized the IV Meeting of the ALIDE Information Network in Brazil (Rialide-BR) this last August 24 at the bank's headquarters.

A China Development Bank delegation visited ALIDE
CDB is the most important bank of China for investment and cooperation abroad. The institution specializes in medium and long-term financing that contributes to the Chinese government's strategies.

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